Elite Slimming Machine

A multi-functional and modular platform, applicable for the face and body, which enables the control of countless technologies.
Elite represents a unique innovation within the panorama of aesthetic technologies; one that fully addresses the professional’s needs. Thanks to a modular design, it offers numerous application solutions, seamlessly integrated in a single compact and reliable device. Constantly evolving, the platform always develops new upgrade modules whose purchase can be managed independently.

Maximum comfort & satisfaction for the results obtained

Maximum Safety

Reliability and heightened security during the treatment protocol thanks to the elevated standards maintained throughout the manufacturing process of the technology.

Extremely brief recovery times

Following the treatment, you can return to normal daily activities immediately after application. Maximum comfort and satisfaction for the results obtained.

Guaranteed comfort

Absolute comfort during the treatment thanks to ergonomic handpieces and innovative technologies for protecting the skin.

Few and quick treatments

Possibility of treating multiple areas simultaneously during the same session for faster results on larger areas.

Every wish is granted. All the treatments at your disposal.

Modular and multifunctional technologies for the rejuvenation of the body and the face. Versatile and cutting-edge, compact and reliable, it offers complete versatility in its usage, fully answering the professional’s requirements and the needs of the client.
Elite 1

Regenerating the superficial tissues


It uses modulated suction and vacuum for regeneration treatment, specific for the superficial tissues of the body, increasing cellular metabolism and promoting lymphatic drainage.

Elite 2

Remodeling tissues and reactivating circulation


It combines laser, cryo and endodermal massage to trigger three different processes in the tissue: laser reactivates and amplifies arterial, venous and lymphatic microcirculation and promotes neoangiogenesis of intradermal vessels, the cryo reduces edema and the endodermal massage promotes lymphatic drainage

Remodeling tissues


The SUB RF handpiece uses the beneficial effects of monopolar radio frequency and rhythmic aspiration to improve circulation (vasodilation and hyperemia) and the drainage of fat deposits in the lymphatic system

Elite 4

Cellulite reduction by modifying the dermis


It uses high frequency sound waves and rhythmic vacuum for a tissue massage with multiple properties, useful for the treatment of cellulite, for tissue toning and for the treatment of edemas of various origins.

Elite 5

Remodeling the tissues of the face


The ultrasound treatment that concentrates the energy precisely in the skin layer to treat, at the desired depth, regenerative thermal energy for the treatment areas.

Elite 6

Restores skin


FLASH CTR emits bipolar radio frequency and rhythmic vacuum, to promote superficial skin elasticity.

Elite 4

Reduction of skin


SUB CTR produces heat deep in the dermis through the conversion of electric current into thermal energy, and it is the monopolar radio frequency treatment for the face used to treat skin laxity

Elite 5

Elimination of scars and skin imperfections


The treatment combines the action of radiofrequency, microneedling and vacuum to treat scar tissue, stretch marks and combat skin laxity.

Elite 6

Delivery of active ingredients


The handpiece uses electroporation to convey actives with different functions such as bio stimulants, vitamins and amino acids.

Elite 4

Reduction of localized fat deposits


New treatment for localized adiposity of the body and restoration of its contours. It uses the combined action of vacuum, controlled cooling and electrical impulses, with the aim of gradually reducing the thickness of the panniculus adiposus.

Elite 5

Biosculpting for facial tissues


Facial contour treatment based on skin stimulation, while combining electrostimulation and tissue cooling cycles. It aids in defining contours, draining tissue and in restoring muscle tone.

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