The Mesotherm is the perfect system for any practice aiming to offer unique skin restoration procedure.

Mesotherm does not just improve the appearance of the sin, but actually restores youth and health. Skin health is a lifestyle that requires monthly treatments and the approach for every skin type. Mesotherm has proven to be the most profitable technology for a medical practice.

As a 30-minutes unique procedure Mesotherm allows your practice to double the profit per hour and cater to a greater number of clients needs each day.

Representing the best of the most modern aesthetic technologies, Mesotherm combines sharp crystal skin abrasion + heading laser + radiofrequency + skin needling +rhythmic vacuum massage + electroporation in one easy to use, operator friendly technology.

How Does TLC Mesotherm Work?

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The Mesotherm uses the following three different treatment procedures:

TLC Mesotherm Technical Data

General Features of Mesotherm


Abralase Laser and Skin Peeling

  • The crystal flow will remove the outer layer of skin (epidermis).
  • Peeling depth is dependent on strength of the crystals flow, the speed of movement of the handpiece and the number of passes per anatomic site.
  • The laser beam will simultaneously heat the underlying skin (dermis).
  • The combined action stimulates growth of new collagen fibres.
  • As the treated area heals, the new skin that forms is smoother and firmer.

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Electroporation and Air Oxygen

  • Cells of stratum corneum block topical from penetrating the skin.
  • Air oxygen frow stretches the skin. Stratum corneum cells are pulled apart, creating pathways for material penetration, while high-intensity pulse ensures a deep, subcutaneous penetration of skin formulation and active ingredients.
  • When Air oxygen flow is released, the stratum corneum returns to normal position. Topicals remain deposited into the skin.

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