Xlase Plus

The simple and affordable way to a wide variety of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures with fewer risks and superior outcomes.
The gold standard of laser provides an affordable way to a wide variety of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures with no risks and superb outcomes. The Xlase Plus is a versatile platform that offers treatments for multiple applications without investing in a number of different lasers, giving you excellent value for money, tripling your profits in your clinic and never having to upgrade your laser machine.
TLC Xlase Plus grants ultimate flexibility to treat a wide variety of patient-requested procedures. The system’s modular applicators are designed to offer effective and reliable results with minimal patient discomfort and downtime. No single device will do more than Xlase Plus. The device includes the CPL (Calibrated Pulsed Light) hair removal system, the popular YAG laser, the 810nm Diode laser applicator, the Q-switched YAG laser and the Erbium YAG laser.

Diode Applicator

The Xlase Plus Diode handpiece provides permanent hair reduction using cutting-edge high-power diode technology. It guarantees a rapid, non-invasive procedure, with no downtime, able to treat all skin types (I-VI), as well as tanned skin and pseudofolliculitis barbae. It utilizes a 1cm2 sapphire tip that actively cools before, during and after treatment.

Compared to other laser systems, the Xlase Plus diode system has minimal running cost, due to the high stability of the diode technology which is a highly efficient laser source, ensuring constant and effective performance even in the most demanding clinical setting.

Diode Applicator

The MotionSpeed procedure

It represents a breakthrough in patient comfort, speed of procedures and incomparable clinical results. It combines simultaneous cooling with fast laser pulses that rise to the target’s therapeutic temperature, without the risk of injury and with much less pain compared to conventional IPL and laser devices.

Nd:YAG Applicator

The Nd:YAG applicator emits light with a wavelenght of 1064nm; the light penetration into tissue reaches its maximum depth while its low absorption guarantees preservation of the surrounding tissues on all skin types.

It combines a long and short pulse in a compact and technologically advanced applicator that offers a broad range of popular treatments for leg veins, vascular lesions, photorejuvenation, hair removal and onychomycosis.

Indications include: Vascular Lesions, Skin Rejuvenation, Hair Removal or Onychomycosis

Q-Switched Nd:YAG Applicator

The Q-switched Nd:YAG applicator is the ideal choice for the treatment of pigmented lesions, such as sun-damaged skin and age spots, and for the removal of unwanted tattoos.

The specific wavelength 1064/532nm is optimal for bright coloured tattoos and solar lentigines, it is also used for vascular lesions, including facial and leg veins, telangiectasias, and angiomas. It combines high peak power and short pulse duration resulting from the innovative OptoH q-switched crystal with unique resonator technology to get stable high energy laser output. The giant laser pulse has only 6-10ns pulse width which produces the mega-watts level high peak power, even at larger spot sizes.


Advantages of Nd:YAG 1064/532nm

The Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is the treatment of choice for tattoo removal as it can remove tattoo completely without leaving any scarring.


Frequency-Double KTP

The 1064nm wavelength is best indicated for blue, black and brown tattoo pigments. The frequency-doubled KTP are most effective on red, tan, purple and orange pigments. This dual laser source combination represents the ultimate solution to effectively remove multi-coloured and complex unwanted tattoos.

Indications For Applicator

CPL (Calibrated Pulsed Light) Applicator

Superior by design, the Xlase Plus Calibrated Pulsed Light (CPL) applicator offers several innovative and advanced technology enhancements. Compared to the other IPL systems available on the market, the CPL system has proven to be among the most powerful and effective. It is simple and efficient to operate.

The unique platinum coated reflective cavity generates maximum energy density with true energy fluency up to 30J/cm² at a very high speed, giving up to 3 shots per second.

The CPL applicator provides a range of different available wavelengths. Through the selection of sapphire crystal filters, the operator can choose the ideal wavelengths to effectively treat a wide number of skins conditions. These special cut-off filters are used to block out wavelengths of light below the filter number selected and allow only those wavelengths of light above the filter number to pass through.

CPL Handpiece

Features Of The CPL Applicator

Excellent and quick treatment results. Safe to use with no side effect, burn, discomfort to patient. Suitable for most skin types including dark ones. Fast treatments on large areas: 5 cm2 with up to 3 pulses per second. Based on Xenon flash lamp emission with chilled water-cooling system and square pulse technology.

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