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Derma Cosmedic’s aim is to offer to both medical and aesthetic clinics the best devices to treat common and visible skin blemishes, from premature ageing to cellulite, from skin laxity to hair and tattoo removal.

People are increasingly looking to improve their own body shape, skin’s tone and elasticity. In a few words, people wish to feel younger or simply better. Sometimes they desire to erase part of their past life by removing a tattoo. In any case, people seek sure and permanent results without pain.

That is what Derma Cosmedic is committed to give them a possibility and, moreover, an alternative to a surgical treatment through the combined action of several technologies such as laser and light systems, radiofrequency, low and high frequency ultrasounds, skin peeling technology, needle free meso-therapy, bio-stimulating currents and advanced skin care formulations.

These combined actions allow to enhance aesthetic results and to integrate different rejuvenation procedures for all kinds of skin, from the darkest to the lightest, through a stimulation of human metabolism in defined areas of face or body.

Our Customer Service Promise

Derma Cosmedic’s Customer Service consists of: immediate assistance, trainings and constant updates, free consultations with our doctors and cosmetologists.

Thanks to the constant research in co-operation with universities, dermatologists and skin specialists, we are able to offer advanced high tech solutions which fill our customers requests and needs.

One of our strongest points is that our devices provide maximum effectiveness and courses are based on the continuous research of maximum effectiveness in terms of final treatment results.

Quality Certification

Derma Cosmedic strives to achieve unsurpassed excellence and reliability in manufacturing and supplying high quality industrial products and services to its customers, clients and partners.

To reach this goal and assure “total customer satisfaction” The concepts of nonstop improvement, accountability and clear measurability are constantly implemented to supporting this Quality Mission. All aspects of our business, from initial product development until the final delivery of goods and customer service, will be examined to grant compliance with our Quality Mission and Medical ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 standards, as well as TÜV certification.

Being in a competitive marketplace involves the responsibility to pursue vigorously this Quality Mission and to achieve continuous improvement, in order to deliver unsurpassed value to our customers.

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